unconventional, engaging, and fun!

we'll go out of our way to help you attain your goals. after all, that's what friends are for.

our team provides personalized attention in a customer-centered approach to deliver inspiring, memorable and sustainable solutions to any branding opportunity in the aviation industry.

in particular,’s capabilities include but are not limited to:

holistic branding approach: we provide brand planning, brand experience management, social-business branding and consumer trends analytics.

account management: we offer third party and brand agency client management solutions. we also love working with your selected external marketing agency and together help you achieve your milestones.

training: we enjoy sharing our experience and knowledge. we’re thrilled to address groups as small as two, up to a hundred… or more!

speaking: we’re keen to speaking at corporate, industry, and academic events.

partnerships: we’re always looking for exciting new projects and collaborations!

but enough about us! what are your proposals and ideas? contact us!