a virtual handshake!

friends, is excited to welcome you! with your help, we stretch and bend creative solutions for the most exciting marketing venture today - aviation branding!

branding starts from within. it’s an emotional connection we make, similar to that of making friends. new technologies have broadened the communication channels of brands as well as keeping in touch with friends.

the reputation of brands is as important as ever. just as we would not like to lose touch with a friend, equally firms would not like to lose us, their clients, either.

brands are like friendships. some last a lifetime. some begin, go dormant, and resurface. others may start strong, but wither away over time.

there are times when we wished we hadn’t upset that special friend or hoped for an opportunity for reconciliation. can help you create and maintain those important memorable links. let's bond! email us or connect with us on twitter and linkedin.


Stathis Kefallonitis, Ph.D.

brand experience strategist |’s mastermind | branding theorist